Country Club Motors, Peabody, MA

country club motors car dealership in peabody massachusetts 01960 1

Country Club Motors – Car Dealer information

Postal Address: 90 Margin Street,

Peabody, MA 01960

Phone Number: 866-604-9117

Official website:

Why You Should Buy A New Car From Us

Fast Facts 1. Country Club Motors was established in 1951. 2.John & Joe Nunes have owned the business since 1986. 3. John and Joe Nunes have been in business for over 25 years. 4 Joe Nunes have been automotive technicians for over 30 years. 5. All of our vehicles come with 100% warranty bumper to bumper. We are known to carry FORD, Chevy, TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, LINCOLN, MERCURY, VW, GMC, BUICK, PONTIAC and many more. Check us out at

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