Wall’s Ford, SALISBURY, MA

wall s ford car dealership in salisbury massachusetts 01952 2308 1

Wall's FORD – Car Dealer information

Postal Address: 2 MERRILL ST,

SALISBURY, MA 01952-2308

Phone Number: 866-556-3821

Official website: www.wallsford.com

Why You Should Buy A New Car From Us

Wall’s dealerships were founded in 1976 and have been proudly selling LINCOLN, MERCURY and FORD products ever since. Buying a new vehicle is a huge commitment and we are here to assist you every step of the way. We believe in total transparency and we never use misleading ads or fake low pricing just to get you in the door. Our new vehicles are priced at invoice MINUS any applicable rebates and incentives. Remember that ALL DEALERS PAY THE SAME FOR THEIR NEW VEHICLES so buy from us and feel great.

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